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Recommended File Types

Vector art is recommended whenever possible, as it will produce the best resolution and color accuracy in your print. Vector files can be scaled to any size with no loss of resolution.

Accepted vector file formats are:
EPS, PDF, and AI (Adobe Illustrator)
All text must be converted to outlines to prevent font issues

Raster (pixel-based) artwork is also accepted, but it limits our ability to manage color and places a limit on how large the image can be scaled before resolution is lost.

Accepted raster file types are:

• 100 dpi resolution at actual print size is recommended for most products. Keep in mind that increasing the resolution beyond 100 dpi generally does not increase the final print quality of most products - it just creates a larger file that takes longer to upload. However...

• High-Res Vinyl Banners, Gallery Canvas Prints, Deluxe Mini Retractable Banner Kits, and Tabletop Retractable Banner Kits can print with greater detail. We recommend resolution settings of 150-300 dpi at actual print size for these products.

Please avoid sending DOC, PUB, and PPT files when possible. We cannot use these files or any images contained within them for print, but they can be used as suggested layouts. Also keep in mind that most images saved from the internet will not work unless they are specifically high-resolution or vector images.


Color matching is not guaranteed, and some slight color differences are to be expected between the original file, the web proof, and the final printed product. However, we constantly test and update our printer profiles to meet G7 calibration specs and to maintain the greatest color accuracy possible.

• For best color results, please submit vector files using either CMYK or Pantone Plus Solid Coated colors. Pantones are especially recommended for fabric products, such as fabric banners, flags, and table covers.

• Print colors are also affected by the finish of the material (gloss finish = brighter colors; matte finish = darker colors) and the inks used for each method of printing. Vinyl products are digitally printed, while fabric products are printed using dye sublimation. Each process uses its own ink set, and each will have different results when printed on different materials.

Setup Tips


• Be sure to check all black colors in your file. Our recommended CMYK values for a deep printed black are (75,68,67,90). One of the most common mistakes made with design files is to set black colors at 0,0,0,100, which looks great on a computer screen, but prints as a dark charcoal grey.

• Be sure you are working in CMYK color mode and not RGB. RGB is designed for computer screens, and many of the bright colors possible in RGB cannot be replicated in a CMYK print. It is better to start in CMYK when choosing your colors rather than converting to CMYK later.

• SAFE ZONES - When ordering most banners, it is a good idea to keep your text and any important graphics about two inches away from the edge of your artwork to avoid losing them when the banner is cut and hemmed and grommets are placed.

• BLEEDS (extra printed material folded to the back when an item is cut or hemmed, which creates a solid print with full color edges):

• 13 oz Vinyl Banners, 18 oz Vinyl Banners, Mesh Vinyl Banners, High-Res Banners, and Canvas Banners all have .25" of bleed on each edge. Set up your file at full print size + .5" in each dimension. For example, artwork set up with bleed for a 2'x4' banner would be 24.5"x48.5"

• Satin Fabric Banners and Matte Fabric Banners have a 1" bleed on each edge, so set up your art file at full print size with +2" in each dimension. Artwork for a 2'x4' banner with full bleed would be set up at a size of 26"x50".

• XL 13 oz Vinyl Banners, XL 18 oz Vinyl Banners, XL Mesh Banners, XL Super Smooth Banners, Double-Sided 18 oz Vinyl Banners, and Double-Sided Super Smooth Banners will have a full bleed added automatically by our production software, so you do not need to set up bleed in your files.

• Products in the Signs and Posters category require no bleed. Submit your files at full print size with no bleed added.

• All products in the Flags and Stands and Display Kits categories require specific print templates which are available for download from Any information about bleeds are contained within these print templates.