How It Works?

Getting Started:

We are now offering background designs to help spice up your holiday banners. We have supplied a variety of JPG background images that you can either download and use in your own design, or you can simply choose a background and let us design the banner for you. Please remember, the JPGs you download are lower quality proofs and will not be used to create your banner - we will replace the JPG proof with a vector graphic once we receive the order. Here is how it works:

To design your own banner:
  1. Choose your favorite background design and download the jpg for the size you want.
  2. Design your banner using the jpg as your background. Add your text and graphics, then be sure to save the file as an EPS, PDF, AI, or PSD file. (This allows us to swap the low-resolution background for a high-res vector image.)
  3. Submit your order and include your saved file, and we will send you a proof to approve.
To have us design your banner:
  1. Choose your favorite background design and make note of the name.
  2. Send us the text you want to use along with any graphics, and include a special note with the name of the holiday background design you want us to use.
  3. We will lay out your custom design for you and send you a proof.

Unless previously approved, all orders do need to be paid before we will produce a proof. However, if you decide at any point prior to proof approval that you wish to cancel your order, we will issue a full refund.

Additional Sizes:

If you do not see a size you want, simply select a size that is as close in proportion as possible. For example, if you want a 5'x8' banner, the next closest size is a 5'x10' banner. Download the 5'x10' jpg and set up your design, then submit it with your order for a 5'x8' banner. We will adjust your layout to fit at the new size and send you a proof for your approval.

The same goes for larger sizes. Since these files are high-resolution vector files, we can scale them to any size you would like. If you would like a 6'x8' banner, you can download the 3'x4' template and it will work just fine since these two sizes have the same height/width ratio. (Remember when we learned about lowest common denominators in school? If you need a banner larger than the sizes shown, just find the lowest common denominator for the height/width ratio, then check to see if we have that size. For example, if you need an 8' x 20' banner, the largest number that will divide evenly into the height and width values is "4," and the result is that you can use a 2' x 5' template for this size.)

Manipulating the JPG proofs:

Other than scaling a jpg to accommodate a size that is not listed, we ask that you avoid modifying our jpg backgrounds when creating your design. When we receive your order, we will discard the low-resolution background and replace it with a high-resolution version, and any changes you make to the background layer itself will be lost. We may be able to make small modifications to the background for you, so please contact us if you have any special design requests.